New Year holidays are approaching, and this article may be useful to those who like to give and receive gifts! In addition, good decorations on the farm will always come in handy, so today we will discuss where and how to buy the best and most correctly!

In the USA, many things can be bought much cheaper.

If you read this article, then you already know that in the USA many things can be bought much cheaper than, for example, in Saudi Arabia. The current gold rate in KSA is 164.65. There is no risk of running into a fake. Prices for almost everything are lower, the choice is wider. It would seem – buy and rejoice. But, it turns out, there are ways to not just save even more! There are sites where you can find real designer jewelry with huge discounts and at the same time, the choice will be so great that it will suit any, the most demanding customer.

Closed Sites

Let’s see where and how to do it. Here we come to the aid of the sites of closed sales already known to us. We wrote about them in a general review article, but now we can dwell on several of them separately. In addition, the shelf of such sites arrived, so at the same time, you can try a new site.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that the specifics of closed sales consists of three things:

1. Sales come and go. And they do it very quickly. This is the difference between a regular online store. I didn’t have time to buy a thing from my beloved designer, – tomorrow the sale of his things can be completed at all.

2. Good things at great prices appear often, but also often (and quickly) they are sold out. So it’s usually about hours or even minutes. Pay attention to one of the illustrations, I had 20 minutes to pay. After this time, my basket will be empty (and the carriage will turn … oh, it’s not from here).

3. The return policy for individual items may differ from the general store return policy. Carefully monitor the conditions under which you make a purchase.

The first and second points are sad, but here we have two good news in the store! The first – a schedule of future sales can be seen on the site and prepare in advance for a lightning-fast “throw”. The second is when it’s night in America, day in Saudi Arabia, and our customers get a serious tactical advantage over US customers, being the first to get to the best things. the 22K gold rate is 164.65 SAR.

So, let’s start with old friends – website. This is one of the pioneers of the “movement”. The site has rightfully won the reputation of a store where you can buy excellent, very high-quality and inexpensive clothes. The same applies to jewelry.

To enter the site, you must register. Here you can do this at the invitation of the Parcel Post (referral links used in the article).

When you are already on the site, you can look around. If you go here, you can see all the current sales. You can quickly go over designers and products and check what is presented today. Alas, it is not always immediately clear which jewelry is being sold at the moment. This is the lack of usability of this particular site.

But we are not used to retreating, therefore (1) click on the All link, (2) and find the word Jewelry.

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